SAITE1300SS - Sony SAIT-1 External Tape Drive - 500GB (Native)/1.3TB (Compressed) - 2U Rack-mountable

Sony SAITE1300SS SAIT-1 External Tape Drive - 500GB (Native)/1.3TB (Compressed) - 2U Rack-mountable
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SAIT technology is the latest concept in high-capacity and high-performance recording targeted at enterprise storage markets. SAIT technology utilizes a half-inch, single-reel cartridge and provides over twice the uncompressed capacity of the nearest linear half-inch tape drive. Sony Electronics is raising the stakes for high-capacity backup with a line of branded tape drives based on its SAIT-1 format. The 500GB native capacity of the SAIT-1 drives will exceed that of any other tape drive currently on the market by at least two-fold, making them an ideal choice for both server and network backup. With the ability to store up to 1.3 TB of compressed data on a half-inch tape cartridge, SAIT-1 is the first standalone drive to break the 1 TB capacity barrier. Sustained data transfer rates for the drives will reach up to 78 MB per second (30 MB/sec native) for efficient data recording and fast data recovery.Features- Fast transfer rate of 30MB/s (Native)- SCSI connectivity- 2U height size (W 8.27 x D 14.57 x H 3.39 inches)- Industry leading tape storage capacity on a single cartridge 500GB native and 1.3TB compressed- Proven AIT reliability- Dust-proof front panel- US Section 508 compliant- Sony SAIT-1 tape drives deliver up to 500 GB native capacity on a single half-inch data cartridge through the use of helical scan recording technology, which increases data recording density, while offering fast data transfer rates of up to 30 MB/s native.
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