F11-003-825G-CS-0001 - SanDisk Fusion ioScale2 825GB Multi-Level Cell (MLC) PCI Express 2.0 x4 HH-HL Add-in Card Solid State Drive

Upgrade SanDisk F11-003-825G-CS-0001 Solid State Drive. It loads up rapidly, with up to 256 GB of storage, having 2 inch interface speed, gives a boost to your system.
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Put Hyperscale on Hyperdrive

Fusion ioScale is purpose-built ioMemory proven in the world's largest datacenters. It maximizes server transactional processing with up to 3.2TB of ultra-low latency ioMemory per PCI Express slot. This allows web scale and cloud environments to scale performance without the infrastructure costs, complexity and failure points of SSD and hard disk arrays.

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