Cisco Reman Ubr10K High Perf Card 5Ds Upx 20Us

Cisco uBR10-MC5x20H/D Broadband Processing Engine - control processor
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Technical Specification

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The Cisco uBR10-MC5X20H line cards use burst receivers that report equalized MER. Equalized MER will almost always be at least a few decibels (dB) higher than an unequalized MER measurement of the same signal under identical conditions. This is normal. Many of customers see a 2 to 4 dB difference between the equalized MER reported by the MC5X20H, and the unequalized MER reported by the MC5X20S/U on the same upstream. But, if significant channel response impairments are present, the difference between equalized and unequalized MER can be substantially greater.

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