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CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Players:

Hard Disk Direct believes her customers should get best of the both worlds when they want to stores large amount of data reliably for long  amount of time but access them on will in short amount up time with high upload and download speeds. That’s why Hard Disk Drive offers you wide variety of optical medium option when it comes to CD, DCD and Blue Ray Solutions. We host optical drives for all generation of devices including average CD ROM for previous generation machines. Our services guarantee End of Life technical supports for such devices as well. A typical CD ROM can store up to 700 MBs. Furthermore, comes DVD ROMs for standard business and home users. They allow users to upload and download up to 4.7 GBs of data with the data access speed of 20 MB/s. DATA can be stored in DVDs for more than 10 years without rotting or degrading. For real high-end users, you use Blue Ray Disks which are more dense and packed with data and utilizes smaller laser allowing 50 Gigs of storages.