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Digital Subscriber Line or DSL is modem technology that allow user to access the mass infrastructure broadband access for cheapest connectivity solutions. Hard Disk direct offer one of most diverse range of modems even extending to EOL modems. One of HDD top goals is to counter compatibility issues thus providing end user with support to make a selection of compatible devices for their needs by giving them technical assistance while picking a device. Standard DSL modems have one telephony jack for internet connectivity, 4 port or more ethernet switch. Other features are implemented on a software level going from VPN, Firewall and encryption. DSL modems does have wireless radios as well with WPA Type 1 and 2 encryption built in into them.

Modems offers high speed starting from 56 kbps to 100 MBPS. As of standard, the device consume 5V and comes with an appropriate adapter. So log on now to HDD and get exclusive discount on MODEMs with technical support as well as many other benefits provided.