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Hard Disk Direct brings a wide range of Synchronous DRAM modules for your desktop and SODIMMs for your laptop. SDRAM is a dynamic random-access memory with an interface synchronous with the system bus which is capable of carrying data between the CPU and the memory controller hub. You can accelerate your time to market as you make use of our rigorously tested modules which can guarantee reliability as you take the efficiency of your business to the next level. If you are looking for a model that possesses a rapid response synchronous interface then SDRAM is your ultimate goal and Hard Disk Direct brings you the leading brands of the industry under one roof for you so that you can select the best-fit memory modules for your systems.

Hard Disk Direct brings DIMMs memory modules for you as well which are a part of a computer that the RAM is in. DIMM refers to long, narrow, thin circuit boards with tabs along one edge. DIMM with their flat model can cater the memory needs of your system. Hard Disk Direct brings you the finest models of DIMMS and SDRAM for your systems so that you can not let your system lag behind.