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Printer (Parallel) Cable:

Printer parallel cables are generally used to provide a way for data transfer to serial cables in your computers to shits one bit of data after another. In mostly printers generally, 25 pin connectors (DB 25) are used to connect the printers with computers. These cables are commonly known as Centronics. The Centronics parallel cables were used in earlier generations of the printers. In computers, parallel cables are used to connect the motherboards. In every computer serial bus or USB ports facility is available so it supports easily a variety of plugs, cables, and ports. Printer parallel cables authorized to shifts the data from personal computers to the printers. These parallel cables give additional supports to your printers and computers. You can quickly shift the data of 1 byte at a time by using parallel ports of cables.

The Hard Disk Direct gives the best offers in printers cables and especially in parallel cables for rapid transfer of data in a few seconds. These printer parallel cables have a feature of DB25 of male and female connectors that easily connects with a modem, switch box and printers. HDD printer parallel cables support every type of printers and give good supports during shifting of data. You can book your orders and get the free shipment on our website.