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Power Strip:

To connect multiple computers, laptops, and electronic devices with a single electrical socket power strip is the best option for you to distributes the power supply to your devices. It comprised of a small block of electrical sockets that attached with the flexible cable to insert the main power supply. They mostly used when audio, video and computer systems are used at the same time. Circuit breakers are included in the power strips to reduce the fluctuation of voltage and overloading of electricity. It is the best safeguard for the devices from power surges that occur frequently during the supply of current. Master switched facility is present in some of the power strips, so you have an option to turn on and off whenever you want but, this is useful for simple devices, not on every computer. Few of power strip have energy-saving features to give you the maximum battery backup for your devices.

Hard Disk Direct power strips used in multiple devices to ensure the continuous supply of voltage at minimum cost. It saves your energy and time as well. HDD power strips give standby power for a long time and its energy saving feature boost up your device, during in working condition.