If you are fond of collecting gadgets, then you would realize the importance of Cables and Adapters for your device as well! Here at HDD, we bring a wide range of cables and Adapters for you to fit the needs of your devices. These devices are almost interchangeable and can go a long way for your device until you actually lose them or break them. Hence, a timely investment in getting the right cables and adapters for your device would bring the efficiency boost to your system!

Cable which is most commonly referred to as a cord, connector or plug is basically one or more wires covered in a plastic covering which makes the transmission of power and data possible between devices! It is nearly impossible to get your tasks accomplished without having the correct cables for your device. Cables which are broadly classified as data and Power cables ease the process of communication between devices and power respectively.

Both the kinds of cables are necessary to achieve dedicated tasks and to give your device the ultimate chance of being a multi-tasker along with your busy schedules! Here at HDD, we have a list for you to pick from which can be listed as: Cable Management Arm, Data Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, KVM Cables, Network Ethernet Cables, Power Cables, Power Strips, USB Cables, Video Cables, Printers (Parallel Cables), Phone Cables and Mouse & Keyboard Cables.

Data Cables that include DVI, HDMI or VGA connect your monitor to your computer and hence give you the facility of displaying a picture on the monitor. Similarly, other popular examples of data cables such as CAT5, IDE/SATA and USB Cables can aid in the communication of your device as well. Similarly, power Cables which are necessary to power the computer, printer, monitor and the other components of the computer actually connect your device to its powerhouse. At HDD, we offer you a wide range of power cables to choose from which you can check out at our website today!

A power supply for your electronic devices which is also called as an AC adapter or charger is a must have for all your electronic devices. Adapters which in their literal sense of function “adapt”, enable the interface of one electronic device to be connected to the other. HDD brings you the facility of choosing from our range of adapters to fulfill the power needs of your electronic device.