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Projector Lamps:

Projector lamps are comprised of a projector bulb which throws the ultra-high-pressure mercury vapor on the flat surface screen to display the projected image. These projected lamps are playing a vital role in making the image. It contacts with the lens placed inside the projector along with the lens to produce high-quality resolution images. The projector lamp is a Bulb which has an average life of 2000 hours approx. Most of the projector lamps are replaced after they complete their life at twice. If your projector works 6-8 hours per day you should replace your project lamp after 5 years so it manages the work properly. In modern projector lamps, a DLP (Digital Lightning process) is used instead of glass panels fitted in ordinary LCD and LED projector lamps, which gives a path to pass the light in it. DLP is a chip having a reflective surface made up of thousands of mirrors. A single mirror gives one pixel. The Hard Disk Direct brings the quality of projector lamps which ensures the maximum working efficiency and display the brighter images on your screen in the night.