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Why is it important to upgrade Server Memory?

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Technology is all about innovating and moving forward. The need to achieve better and better has made mankind work tirelessly past few centuries, an excellent example of this is computers. From the day of its invention from a simple abacus, computers have gone through a drastic series of upgradation past last century from room occupying machines to small compact mobile laptops and notebooks.

Computers are all about the processing they do for you and the backbone of this processing is server memory. The effectiveness of your server memory determines the productivity of your entire server. Server memory is usually misunderstood as storage capacity. When it actually is the ability of the system to read data. Moreover, server memory is usually an ECC memory i.e. error correcting memory that has the ability to detect and spontaneously correct internal data corruptions. This kind of memory comes in handy when the risk of data corruption cannot be forsaken for example in scientific or financial computing.

There is no doubt that behind every high performing server there is a server memory.  Tasks are carried out when RAM processes data from hard drive to CPU. Increasing your RAM memory by upgrading server memory can simply boast your system performance by carrying out more tasks in less time.

Following are a few basic reasons why it is important to have a memory server upgraded.

Improves server performance

Upgrading a server can be taken as enhancing performance. An efficient server memory upgrade will provide your system with more RAM which means it can handle more virtual machines and processes tons of data more effectively. It also prevents bottlenecking which hinders in your systems potential to perform tasks at its maximum speed.

limited budget

Upgrading is an excellent solution to amplify the productivity of your system in a limited budget. Rather than buying a new kit you can achieve improved performance from your same old system without cluttering it with more hardware. Consuming the same power units as before it frees you from stressing about the bills as well. Further finances can be saved by buying refurbished memory. Maximize your investment in server infrastructure by maximizing memory capacity.

Increased workload

Upgrading server memory is the best way to ensure that your system runs the maximum amount of application at once without crashing. In simpler words, it performs data processing to its maximum limits smoothly. For instance, while managing web pages or sites where large volume of data and traffic is expected an upgraded server will help you cope with the pressure and ensure maximum system uptime.

Get the maximum performance from your existing infrastructure

Buying a new server is expensive whereas an upgrade is cheap! Without spending a large sum on adding more hardware to your system an upgrade can enhance your system’s performance by allowing virtualization. Every virtual machine needs a dedicated amount of memory meaning adding more virtual device you’ll need more memory. When troubled with increased workload maximize your existing hardware to its limits and beyond with just a simple cost-effective upgrade.

Last but not the least server upgrade can allow your system to multitask like never before. Choose an upgrade wisely, know your system, your needs and budget to get maximum benefit from an upgrade.

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