What You Need to Know Before Buying Refurbished Products

Frequently shopping online, you might get alarmed by seeing the words refurbished written in the same line as your desired product. This might evoke disturbing thoughts such as: Is this product defected? Is it used? Doesn’t this deal sounds too good to be true?

Well we don’t want you to get second thoughts anymore thus, we have decided to tell you all the myths, mysteries and all the deep dark secrets this single word shadows so you could top your online shopping game and always get only the best products at the most amazingly low rates.

Refurbished means:

So, what does this fancy word actually donates to?  In layman terms a refurb is any item or part that has been returned to the manufacturer or the first distributor, inspected, repaired if needed and then resold. In cases of laptops, mobile phones or PCs the device also has its data wiped and its restored back to factory settings. So, now the next question arises, is it as good as a brand-new device or part then? to be honest No! not always. Therefore, it is better to be always stay a little cautious before investing. So below is all what you need to know about refurbs to get a deal instead of a dud.

The word ‘Refurbished’ harbors great range

While the meaning of the word remains constant, it still has a wide variant to offer. A refurb is always inspected and has required measures taken, but the amount of work done can vary significantly. Many retailers do not offer this kind of details to how much repair has been done before reselling them, so always be careful you buy refurbished items from a recommended or trusted retailer.

Who is at the other end?

Because you are trusting the refurb to been resorted to the condition as good as new, always check who refurbished it. From the selling site to the middle man and manufacture, there are a number of people who can refurb a product. Your best shot is finding one that has been refurbished by the original manufacturer, as the company is best at knowing its product and restoring it to the original perfect condition. And in the majority of cases, they also offer a maximum 1-year warranty as well, assuring you that they have trust in their product to work smoothly after restoration.  It’s better to play safe, as most of the time a third-party refurbished item has around 30-90 days of warranty which basically gives off a strong “buy at your own risk” vibe.

Buy From a trusted Retailer

We cannot emphasis more on the role of the retailer here. While buying from the manufacturer is your best shot, purchasing from your trusted and tested retailers is also recommended. Try new sites only if you find enough positive reviews. Rates of refurbished goods by retailers are cheaper than the manufacturer, but beware you might get lesser warranty days than the latter. Another important detail to look out for is the return policy. If a retailer is offering god return policy it means he has confidence in his product and is not gambling with your money.

Can refurbs be new?

Yes! If you are in luck you might hit a homerun and end up with a refurb that is literally brand-new and has never been used or repaired. So why are they under this banner you might ask. Well some items cannot be sold as new in cases such as when they have been returned during their return window, if their packaging has been damaged or they were floor models. So there are chances you might get blessed with a brand new, perfectly well working product at cheaper market price.

What to Buy refurbished?

Today you can find a wide range of refurbished goods, from phones, laptops, computer parts to almost all electronic devices. But not all refurbished items have the same risks or benefits. You might find a lot of different recommendations and reviews online. Many critics believe buying a refurbished smartphone is riskier than any other device as it is the most common hardware dropped by people on literally a daily basis. Some believe products that having lithium-ion batteries are not worth the risk as they will eventually lose power over time so an old refurbished model is not likely to stick around for a long time.

Another important detail highlighted is that you might not usually find the latest models on the refurbished shelves. So, investing in a cheaper refurbished older model in cases of a smartphone or a laptop does not usually strike as a good deal.

But on the other hand, products that have a constant basic function for an example a vacuum cleaner or a refrigerator for instance it doesn’t really matter if you invest in the latest model as long as it an old cheaper refurbished model works perfectly.


To conclude here are some important details summarized that you should always check on your fingertips when about to invest in a refurb.

  • Factory/manufacturer refurbs are the safest choices even if expensive in comparison to other retailers.
  • 1-year warranty is the maximum you can hope for in cases of refurbs.
  • Reviews matter.
  • Watch out for the return policy.
  • Trusted/recommended/tested dealers only.
  • Always compare the latest model and prices.
  • You can find a refurb if the product was originally launched in market around a year ago.
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