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Seeking System Upgrade Advice: Factors To Look Out For

Are you tired of your system running at a turtle’s pace while you dream of getting towards the accomplishments of your tasks at a rabbit’s pace? Are you tired of the buffering even after trying Optimization Software and investigating all the common solutions? If the answer is “YES” Then it’s high time that you take a look at upgrading some of your hardware. This blog aims to serve as the basic guide for upgrading your system so that it does not tag you along at a turtle’s pace while nothing gets accomplished for you!! Below are some of the hardware optimization techniques to help you make your human friendly gadget maximize its potential at the utmost level.

ASUS System boards which are proving to be your go-to brand for 10 years are easy to use along with offering great stability. Whether you are upgrading your old gadget or you are crafting a new build, in any case, ASUS System boards can help you outshine the competition. This best-selling motherboard brand can help your system to be upgraded and can prove to give you the ultimate efficiency boost that your system needs!


Maximize the throughput from processor to memory, and system I/O buses by using System x3400 M2 servers which use the Intel Tylersburg DP chipset 36D. These servers can provide excellent performance scalability along with the addition of memory and a second processor.


If you have never thought about adding memory to your PC then you are missing out on of the easiest available upgrade that you can make. It is affordable and will not make you lose your precious money on upgrading your system but at the same time, it will enhance your system showing an instant performance deliverance. Adding memory is one of the most accessible upgrades you can make and it does not limit itself to any one machine but can be done to almost any machine which includes many laptops as well. As a cherry on the top of the cake, you do not even need to have much tech know-how about it!

There are some tasks which are resource hungry like video editing and gaming, which demand more RAM. The equation is simple, the more RAM you’ve got, the better it is! In addition to this, it would not harm your device to possess extra RAM for casual use as well. This will enable you to have more apps running in the background. For multitaskers, it also helps to keep a greater number of tabs open in the browser.


The Embedded Security Subsystem which is a chip on the mainboard is dedicated to take care of certain security related tasks. It revolves around securing the sensitive data of user out of range from software attacks. This is a must-have embedded subsystem if you want to keep your system secured!!

The system security chips can aid in serving the purpose of Data communications authentication and encryption along with Storage of encrypted passwords.


The IBM System Storage EXP 3000 can aid you in expanding the storage capacity of IBM System servers beyond the physical limitations of the servers. It is supported by the SAS technology. System Storage EXP3000 SAS external storage enclosure is a high-function, high-density SAS storage expansion unit. It can support up to twelve 3 Gbps SAS drives.

The IBM System Storage DS3500 is an efficient product by IBM-which has bred development with leading 6 Gbps host interface and drive technology. The simple, efficient and flexible approach to storage is a cost-effective and fully integrated complement to suit System X, Servers and Blade Center. Organizations can implement this single system to cater to all the requirements of their shared storage. It can be the best possible option to maximize productivity while proving to be the best possible cost-efficient available product!


This upgrade can vary from consumer to consumer but being a gamer, it would make to the top position of your upgrade list! In case you are not very serious about your gaming jam, 3D modeling or 3D animator then you probably would not mind getting into this update at all… but skimping out on graphics is an easy way to save on costs. Mostly PC manufacturers would prefer going for integrated graphics cards over dedicated graphics card but it is of worthy consideration that upgrading your system’s game to a dedicated one can work in miraculous ways for you!


The most probable reasons why you would be looking for an upgrade can be that you are either running out of space or want a faster performance! If you have given up after trying everything that you could then you should look for replacing your hard disk storage with a larger one. A full hard drive makes it impossible for you to save data and trust me it is one of the most undesirable conditions for a consumer… the kind that makes you want to bang your head on the desk! Hence, avoid that condition and look out for a large disk storage in order to impact the performance of your device in the most possible manner. To be on the safe side, you should always try to keep 10 GB of free space for the OS (operating system) to use!


If you are looking for a physically trickier agenda to upgrade your system then upgrading your PC’s processor is a far more advanced trick which would set your strategy apart from the rest of the tried and tested techniques. The one thing that you should, however, look out for is that it’s an expensive upgradation which can even lead to compatibility issues as well. Your processor upgradation can actually demand from you to look for a number of factors than just focusing on any one major factor!

As far as upgrading the processor’s game is concerned so speeding up your processor’s speed can really do the trick. The Intel Pentium 4 672 3.8 GHz processor is designed for the new age computing. It is one of the most efficient devices which can help you to reduce your average time to access main memory. It is successful to store the frequently used data and hence reduce the average time to access main memory which would resultantly minimize the undesirable condition of CPU speed drop. Speedy internal operations are an important considerable factor for which this Intel Pentium 4 Processor utilizes its single-core architecture while utilizing a clock frequency of 3.8 GHz. Intel Pentium 4 processor brings the ease of enjoying faster response time hence aiding the issue of speed drop of the CPU.


Your system can become warm to the touch during usage under certain casual usages such as using for longer than 10-15 minutes, watching a DVD/Blu-Ray, streaming an online video, playing video games or Online Games and of course the most obvious reasons…. Using near a heat source or in a hot environment! This might get you into scratching your head that how can you avoid these regular tasks for your PC?? The symptoms that you need to look out for to confirm the overheating of your system revolve around: the random shutdown, system freezing, random reboots and System Locking up!

These symptoms can give out a red wavelength to warn you to be aware of the fact that your system is overheating and that you need to look out for a cure. SOOO… Alienware Aurora cooling system can prove to be a relief for your system.

In order to monitor your Alienware system temperature, Dell Support Assist. This tool can help you stress and monitor your hardware in real time.

ASUS series-2OO Motherboards offer a great deal of cooling controls for system fans. ASUS motherboards have allowed users to map each fan header to a variety of thermal sources. A fan can be set to react to CPU temperatures, one of the several onboard thermal diodes, or even an external temperature probe.


As you work on upgrading your system your hardware upgrade seeks your utmost attention! This guide can serve you as a basic step towards upgrading your system to meet your desired outcome.

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