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Difference between Seagate Cheetah & Barracuda and which one you should buy

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Seagate is a renowned American data storage company that has been marketing legendary hard disk drives, hybrid drives and solid-state drive series from decades. It has shown massive growth in its hard disk drive collection specifically by launching separate drive families for individual client needs. Such as Barracuda for computing, Firecuda for gaming, Ironwolf for NAS, Skyhawk for surveillance needs etc. Seagate thus has a large variety of HDD to offer currently, making it one of the leading names in this industry. We have therefore narrowed down and compared two of its most celebrated series Barracuda and Cheetah for your convenience.

Seagate Cheetah

Seagate Cheetah was claimed to be the fastest hard drive at the time of its release thus the catchy name ‘cheetah”. For a very long time there was no other disk spinning at 10,000 RPM or competing with the data transfer rate it produced: up to 21.3 megabytes a second. But this was not the only reason that had Cheetah standing in the limelight for decades. It was in reality its extraordinary access time of 7.7ms seek (average) and 3.0ms latency that had cheetah outshine the other hard drives shelved in market. the classiest hard drive in Cheetah series currently in stores is 15K.7 which is reviewed below.

Seagate Cheetah 15K.7

The Seagate Cheetah 15k.7 uses the traditional 3.5’ form factor with a dazzling 15,000RMP spinning speed. This product was introduced in the market with a promise to reduce access latency which is most definitely did with its ultra-low 2.0ms access time on average. It further had the highest Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) rated as 1,600,000 hours. With its 203MB/s maximum, 122MB/s minimum read speed and up to 600GB of storage capacity, it delivers modest throughput.

The only downside to this screaming performance speeds is power consumption. Featuring PowerTrim technology, it claimed to dynamically optimize the drive power consumption but it still lacks in this category in comparison to other similar drives. It consumes 13.5W idle power which is though lesser then the previous Cheetah 15K generations but still power numbers can reach up to 16.2W. This unfortunately puts a dent in its overall efficiency outlook.

Seagate Barracuda

The Seagate Barracuda is another attractive series of hard disk drives produced by Seagate Technology. Launched in 1991, most of the drives in this series have a spindle speed of 7200 RPM almost half of what Cheetah features.

At present the latest of barracuda series is BarraCuda pro which is available in capacities between 2 TB -14 TB. Launched alongside BarraCuda, it is usually described perfect for high performance desktop, creative pro desktop applications, and gaming.

Seagate BarraCuda Pro

BarraCuda Pro is advertised as creative professionals and tech enthusiast’s dream. Equipped with a 7200-RPM spin speed, the BarraCuda Pro is considered to be the fastest 2TB to 14TB 3.5-inch hard drive available. With a 256MB multi-segmented DRAM large cache size it ensures smooth system performance that can load applications and files faster than ever. It features eight PMR platters with a 1077 GB/ in2 areal density in a sealed enclosure filled with Helium with main difference from 12TB version being the usage of Seagate second-generation two-dimensional magnetic recording (TDMR) that allows this high areal density. The 14TB BarraCuda Pro typically draws around 6.9W that makes it one of the most power efficient high-capacity 3.5″ hard drives. Specially designed for 24 x7 usage unlike traditional desktop- class hard drives it perfectly caters high performance demands. The package comes backed by best in class 5 years limited warranty and two years of Rescue Data Recovery Service Plans that provide its user the ultimate peace of mind.

The only con of this product can be its expensive cost, but keeping in mind the hefty amount of storage it offers that can be overlooked.


Though both the families of hard drive are exceptionally impressive in their performance, and have evolved inspiringly in the last few decades our vote would go for the Barracuda series. Not only it is offering massive storage solutions, it is customizing its range according to its audience needs. While Cheetah series has a lot to catch up with the Barracuda especially in terms of storage capacity, it still makes an adequate hard drive series with its spinning speeds.

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