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The Most Innovative Laptops 2019

Technology is advancing and upgrading every day and keeping up with it is a race we don’t want you to miss a step in. So, here are our top picks on the most innovative laptops this year that have proved their value on the basis of innovative technology, exceptional designs and a high level of productivity.


Redefining how you play, ASUS ROG Mothership is a 17.3-inch gaming beast that packs the performance of a PC in a portable laptop. This Windows 10 Pro powerhouse with its innovative deployable kickstand design and a detachable keyboard, is said to addresses the most frequent concern of inadequate cooling and cramped keys. With two resolution options of detailed 4K and a blazing 144Hz refresh rate and a factory overclocked GeForce RTX 2080 GPU, it offers the best in class visuals for the gaming sessions. Integrating 9th Gen Intel Core i9 eight-core GPU, SSD RAID storage and 2.5G Ethernet Asus Rog Mothership ensures ultra-fast performance every time.


The makers of Lenovo yoga book C930 claim it to be the world’s first dual-display laptop with E-ink. It represents a perfect combination of a gorgeous QHD display with a multi-function E Ink panel that transforms from a sketchpad to a flat halo keypad to an e-reader in just seconds. Lenovo Yoga Book is said to multiply creativity and productivity with its dual-screen display that opens like a book. The 10.8’ FHD E ink display is also covered with the durable Gorilla Glass and an anti-glare finish that ensures long reading and working sessions with eye care. Taking notes while watching a video, interacting with multiple programs or websites at the same time or replicating a sketch from another screen is now possible with Lenovo Yoga Book.

With 10” on-screen keyboard, it offers 22% increased typing productivity than the previous yoga book. And its optical precision pen provides pen-on-paper experience with 4,096 levels of pen sensitivity. last but not the least it sports a fanless 9.9 mm thin aluminum design that is incredibly light to carry around. Lenovo Yoga Book C930 has bagged more than 20 awards at events like IFA and CES, which further validates its claim as one of the most innovative laptops currently in the market.


Another innovative machine to secure a place on our list is ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo that is specifically designed to provide you with the ultimate edge in workflow efficiency with its unique design. ZenBook pro allows you to enjoy dual screen in a more traditional clamshell factor, unlike the Lenovo yoga book.  It Features 4k UHD OLED display that is complemented by a secondary touch bar display of full-width 4K Asus ScreenPad Plus. Its celestial blue color certifies it with sophistication and revolutionary asymmetric design with iconic Zen-inspired spun-metal finish reflects the excellent taste of ambient style. The ScreenPad Plus provides users with unimaginable productivity with its 4k UHD OLED touchscreen that facilitates endless optimization and personalization options. The ZenBook Pro Duo is powered by the ultra-powerful combination of 9th generation Intel Core i9 eight-core processor, the latest gaming-grade NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics and up to 1TB of blisteringly fast storage that ensures conduction of professional-quality tasks such as multi-layer photo or video editing or video editing, 3D graphics rendering or even game live-streaming. The ZenBook Pro runs on Windows 10 and supports the latest Intel WiFi 6 Gig+ that takes the wireless speed to a whole new level.


Alienware Area 51 has been labeled as the most powerful gaming laptop currently in the market by many critics. Assembled with desktop-class hardware and a beautiful chassis and comfy keyboard this is considered as a perfect replacement of desktop till date. Unveiled at CES 2019 the new Area 51m model comes in an aesthetically pleasing design and even with its huge body it remains an eye candy for gamers. Available in two color options Lunar Light(white) and the Dark Side of the Moon(black) and an RGB lights on the keyboard, power button trackpad, logo and the rings around the vents.

The best configuration, which consists of an octa-core Intel Core i9-9900K desktop-class processor, an Nvidia RTX 2080m GPU, 2TB of SSD storage and 1TB of HDD storage it takes pride in offering the worth of its expensive price.


Acer Predator Triton 90 is a stereotype breaker with its massive 17 inches that can be bent to as much as you desire. Incorporating an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080, up to 32GB of DDR4 memory at 2666MHz and two 512GB1 PCIe NVMe SSDs in Raid 0 it delivers game changing performance. On both sides of the display the CNC –machined Ezel Aero Hinges grip the screen so you can morph your 4K IPS touchscreen into a massive tablet. Acer Predator Triton 900 allows you to hook extra display screens via HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort or USB C Thunderbolt 3. All Predator laptops utilize 4th generation Aeroblade 3D technology that reduces noise along with increasing the airflow.

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Top 5 most valuable computer hardware companies

In this era of blooming IT every day is a game changer for all those playing their cards right. Innovation has become just a race with time as almost every single day there is a new gadget in market offering something unique, before it gets replicated or improved by another in mere days. The companies that are constantly revolutionizing their product lines, covering all the bases of consumer interests and keeping up with trends are thriving. Such as Industry behemoths Apple, Samsung and IBM etc. are still leading the race with their continuous production of products that set the benchmark for others and expanding towards more fields in demand to keep their consumers engaged.

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Signs That You Need to Get a New Laptop

Not all of us out here are tech geeks who always know their machines thoroughly in and out. Most of us learn more details about our electronics majority of the times when it runs into a problem. In today’s article we’ll be featuring your personal laptops and the fuss they usually create in your life.

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Is your website crashing frequently with increasing traffic? Or are you doubting your current site hosting plan? Confused what to opt for? Well we are here to save the day as we understand how important your site is for your business or organization. In this century of IT your website is what stands out there as your face, it’s the interaction that needs to go smoothly for your business or interest to prosper. So, if your site is facing troubles while hosting you should revisit your decision. Or if you are a newbie in this field with limited to no knowledge about how web hosting works sit tight, as we’ll introduce you to the world of site hosting. Along with differentiating cloud hosting with traditional web hosting. So, you could decide what works in the best interest of your site.

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How to choose a PC power supply? Best power supplies to buy

Power supply units are usually one of the most overlooked parts when one is building a rig or simply upgrading it. But what does your fancy graphic cards, latest processors and expensive motherboard need to churn all that processing you throw at? Simple Power! Every single component of your system needs electrical power that your poor ignored power supply unit caters. Therefore, just like any other vital part of your system no compromise should be made while purchasing the power supply units.

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How to choose a laptop for video editing – Best Selling laptops for video editing

Gone are the days when video editing was only left for professionals. In today’s era with the advancement in every field of technology all of us own some kind of lens and social media apps that keeps us interested in making videos and obviously editing them to perfection. Therefore, manufacturers are not only producing bulky stable desktop PC units for this purpose, but also a whole new range of compact laptops are now in market that can replicate and reproduce the same high quality of video editing as a desktop PC.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying Refurbished Products

Frequently shopping online, you might get alarmed by seeing the words refurbished written in the same line as your desired product. This might evoke disturbing thoughts such as: Is this product defected? Is it used? Doesn’t this deal sounds too good to be true?

Well we don’t want you to get second thoughts anymore thus, we have decided to tell you all the myths, mysteries and all the deep dark secrets this single word shadows so you could top your online shopping game and always get only the best products at the most amazingly low rates.

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