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Graphics Cards

Top 5 NVIDIA Graphics Card for your Digital & Multimedia Business

From the past four decades, graphical technology has come a long way, back in the 80s it was a herculean task to even animate a 2D shapes sprite digitally on your computer workstation. All the cartoons, advertisements were drawn by hand and painstakingly animated by shuffling slides. Now graphical technology has come a long way allowing a small team of few individuals to animate short movies or advertisement, design, and model complex machines and even create full-scale AAA looking games as independent projects.

Nvidia is one of the industry leaders in this front who is responsible for designing and creating of many technologies that have been responsible for changing the industry landscape. Based on Santa Clara, USA the companies also provide parallel processing solutions for supercomputing applications as well. Nvidia has developed a whole host of technologies in a professional capacity. They have creatively named them from CUDA, HOLODESK, NVLINK, and RTX etc.

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Computer Hardware

5 Best 2.5-inch SAS Hard Disk Drives for Server

Servers – They add thrill to the speed for your business

While considering a desktop or similar system you only think about running its own applications on the system. As soon as the discussion gravitates towards Server, the horizon broadens as it requires to handle the workload of client systems that run its apps through the network.

Moving further, when the point of focus is servers for a business setup it is inevitable to not to consider the response time. Servers need to be fast like a flash. As obvious as it might sound, speed is the basic parameter for servers.

It is evident that the process of setting up a server can be tedious for it demands answers to certain nerve-wrecking questions such as getting your hands on the best RAM, cooling system to fit the needs of your system and the kind of drive in the storage pods for your server and the list goes on and on.

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Computer Hardware

Seeking System Upgrade Advice: Factors To Look Out For

Are you tired of your system running at a turtle’s pace while you dream of getting towards the accomplishments of your tasks at a rabbit’s pace? Are you tired of the buffering even after trying Optimization Software and investigating all the common solutions? If the answer is “YES” Then it’s high time that you take a look at upgrading some of your hardware. This blog aims to serve as the basic guide for upgrading your system so that it does not tag you along at a turtle’s pace while nothing gets accomplished for you!! Below are some of the hardware optimization techniques to help you make your human friendly gadget maximize its potential at the utmost level.

ASUS System boards which are proving to be your go-to brand for 10 years are easy to use along with offering great stability. Whether you are upgrading your old gadget or you are crafting a new build, in any case, ASUS System boards can help you outshine the competition. This best-selling motherboard brand can help your system to be upgraded and can prove to give you the ultimate efficiency boost that your system needs!

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Computer Hardware

Intel comes up with most affordable Coffee Lake chipsets to fulfill the demand of enthusiasts

coffee lake motherboards

Intel has finally fulfilled the promise made to their customers, for fleshing out the 8th generation budget motherboards. Following are the Intel coffee lake budget chipsets which are recently introduced to the Intel family:

  • Intel H370
  • Intel H310
  • Intel Q370
  • Intel B360

In October 2017, Intel has launched its 8th generation Intel Core processors along with the only Z370 chipset. The combination of 8th generation processors with Z370 chipsets was enough to satisfy the flagship Core i7-8700K CPU and to counter AMD’s Ryzen threat at the high end but affects the market of the Intel PC users who are looking for some affordable options. As per the fact, Intel has always famous for its best Intel motherboards.

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Computer Hardware

Server Memory and Desktop memory: What’s the difference?

Server Memory and Desktop Memory(1)

The computer is one electronic device that has literally transformed the lives of people of all ages and help to manage numerous tasks. Computers have become an essential device to keep in households and offices. Computers have considerably improved the productivity and efficiency of work not only of the single individual but entire businesses and industries. A significant amount of information can be produced, used, exchanged and stored on the computers. Traditionally computers used to be big and heavy devices and apart from the main central processing unit (CPU) required several input/output devices to be able to function properly. There were different types and purposes of computers. The computers used in houses for general purposes was called a ‘desktop computer’. Servers are a special type of computers which are dedicated to responding to request made by different computer programs known as ‘client’. One of the major difference in configuration of memory in desktop and servers is based on the specifications of Desktop RAM and Server RAM. Over the years the advancements in computing technology brought compact and faster devices in the shape of laptops, modern smartphones, and tablets.

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Computer Hardware

Everything You Need to Know About the Great Graphics Cards Crunch 2018

graphics cards

There is some very bad news for all those wanting to build or upgrade their PC as the Graphics cards price increase continues for the most of 2018. The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) shortage started early in December, when the surge in bitcoin led to a renewed interest in cryptocurrency mining. For those who do not know yet, cryptocurrency mining is the process of generating numbers in order to claim new blocks in a block chain as a result of which the user earns digital currency. To mine cryptocurrency one requires a beefy rig, because of which miners have been buying as many GPUs as possible to earn the much wanted cyber money.

It has now been years since graphics cards were used in masse for cryptocurrency mining, as the hardware arms race meant that the specialized application specific integrated chip (ASIC) mining hardware took over them almost immediately. However, there were some cryptocurrency types which required the use of graphics cards which led to the shortage as well as the graphics cards price rising.

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