38L4048 - IBM 256MB DDR-400MHz PC3200 ECC Unbuffered CL3 184-Pin DIMM Memory Module

IBM 38L4048 256MB DDR-400MHz PC3200 ECC Unbuffered CL3 184-Pin DIMM Memory Module
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    Increase the efficiency of your server system with the IBM 38L4048 Server Memory. Featuring 256MB of storage capacity and a speed of DDR-400MHz/PC3200, IBM 38L4048 Memory can boost the server’s performance and handle the workload effortlessly. This is a 184-Pin UDIMM that securely fits into your motherboard without unwanted crashing, thereby multiplying the reliability of your system. This Unbuffered ECC Memory allows the server to work with uninterrupted execution. Upgrade your system and enjoy consistent performance with the IBM 38L4048 Server Memory.


    IBM 38L4048 SDRAM provides a transfer rate of 400 MB/s per second for each chip with a bus frequency of 100 MHz. DDR-400MHz/PC3200 with 256MB capacity boosts your system's performance exponentially.

    Unbuffered Memory:

    IBM 38L4048 DDR-400MHz/PC3200 with 256MB capacity unbuffered memory is faster, smaller, and cheaper than buffered memory.

    ECC RAM:

    IBM 38L4048 DDR-400MHz/PC3200 with 256MB capacity ECC RAM improves the computer's reliability and enhances the performance.

    Single Rank:

    IBM 38L4048 single rank server memory contains half as much chips, making it less prone to overheating or crashing when overclocked. DDR-400MHz/PC3200 with 256MB capacity is best for entry level servers.

    More Information
    Error CorrectionECC Unbuffered
    Module Quantity1
    PC TypeDDR2-400/PC2-3200
    CompatibilityServer System
    Memory TypeDDR SDRAM
    Product TypesRAM
    CAS LatencyCL3