301502U - LaCie 4TB USB Hard Drive

LaCie 4TB USB Hard Drive
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The LaCie Big Disk Network offers professional, reliable, central storage for instantly storing, sharing, and backing up from any computer on your network. Manage your home or small office network easily with this full-featured file server, recommended for networks with up to 50 users (15 at once). With the LaCie Big Disk Network, you can share files among Windows, Mac, and Linux users thanks to its SMB and AFP protocols support, or connect remotely through FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS file systems. Get extra security and increase data portability by backing up your LaCie Big Disk Network on your own schedule to an external hard drive through its USB port using the built-in backup system. The LaCie Big Disk Network comes also with Genie Backup Manager Pro for Windows and Intego Backup Manager Pro for Mac to install on each PC/Mac for client backups to the NAS.

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