271837R-029 - HP 300GB 10000RPM Ultra-320 SCSI Hot-Pluggable (LVD) 80-Pin 3.5-Inch Hard Drive for BL20p G1/BL20p G2/BL20p G3/BL25p Server

HP 271837R-029 300GB 10000RPM Ultra-320 SCSI Hot-Pluggable (LVD) 80-Pin 3.5-Inch Hard Drive for BL20p G1/BL20p G2/BL20p G3/BL25p Server
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    Technical Specification

    Technical Specifications
    Capacity300 GB
    Spindle Speed10000
    Drive InterfaceSCSI
    Form Factor3.5"

    HPE ProLiant Servers:

    • BL20p G1
    • BL20p G2
    • BL20p G3
    • BL25p
    • BL40p
    • BL45p G1
    • BL60p
    • CL1850
    • CL380
    • DL360 G1
    • DL360 G2
    • DL360 G3
    • DL360 G4
    • DL360 G4p
    • DL380 G1
    • DL380 G2
    • DL380 G3
    • DL380 G4
    • DL385 G1
    • DL560
    • DL580 G1
    • DL580 G2
    • DL580 G3
    • DL585 G1
    • DL590
    • DL740
    • DL760
    • ML330 G1
    • ML330 G2
    • ML330 G3
    • ML350 G1
    • ML350 G2
    • ML350 G3
    • ML350 G4
    • ML370 G1
    • ML370 G2
    • ML370 G3
    • ML370 G4
    • ML530 G1
    • ML530 G2
    • ML570 G1
    • ML570 G2
    • ML570 G3
    • ML750


    Introducing HP 271837R-029 SCSI interface server hard drive. It is designed for businesses and enterprises that require reliable and efficient storage solutions. With a capacity range of 300 GB, this hard drive can accommodate a large amount of data. This vast amount of storage makes it ideal for companies that deal with heavy workloads and data-intensive applications. The SCSI interface offers great data transfer rates that allow for quick and seamless access to your files and applications. This interface is also known for its reliability and stability, ensuring that your data remains secure and protected at all times.

    This 10000 RPM of the hard drive is optimized for high-performance computing. It delivers great data access speeds, reducing the time it takes to transfer files, access databases, and run applications. The SCSI interface server hard drive is a top-of-the-line storage solution for businesses that need fast and reliable storage solutions.

    Standard Features:
  • SCSI interface server hard drives offer ample storage from 300 GB .
  • SCSI Server hard drives are a popular choice for demanding applications.
  • The hard drive's speed 10000 RPM allows for high-speed data access and transfer.
  • This product may come with a warranty. Certain terms and conditions applied. Learn more

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